〈Vice President〉
The University of Tsukuba Open Innovation Strategy Organization (OISO) established a system that enables the implementation of large-scale, company-led, needs-driven collaborative research in order to solve issues related to development research in industry.
With an eye on the international expansion of industry-university collaborative research and the establishment of a startup ecosystem, OISO aims an open innovation where universities can contribute to corporate business strategies by preparing a strong compliance structure and overcoming the barriers to put research results into effects that tend to be hesitant under the existing way of thinking.
Vice Director 
NISHINO, Yoshitaka
〈Deputy Director General〉
Open innovation has become widespread as one of the business models in companies since being advocated by Chesbrough. The combination of “competition and cooperation” and “close and open” strategies gives us several advantages. Although universities have been considered initially open places, as co-creation activities with private sectors deepen, what we need to take a role of coordinating competition and cooperation among companies is becoming more critical. We promote open innovation that takes advantage of the transdisciplinary and international characteristics of the University of Tsukuba.
General Creative Manager 
MIYAMOTO, Shinichi
With creating innovation by matching company needs with the research capability of the University of Tsukuba, OISO aims to develop industry-university collaboration and transfer it to society.
OISO continuously proceeds the three following missions along with experienced Creative Managers.
1. Large-scale and industry-driven collaborative research expansion
2. World-wide collaboration of Open Innovation
3. Startup ecosystem enhancement