Outline of the main initiatives of the University of Tsukuba Open Innovation Strategy Organization.

Optimal faculty team for companies’ collaborative research needs

■Build faculty team based on the Faculty Database by Industrial Field
■Set up workshops to develop themes of collaborative research

Original system for mid-to-long term large-scale collaborative research

■R&D Center: Operated by external funds
■Special Collaborative Research Project: Employ company representatives as faculty members


Promote International Industry-University Collaboration

■Collaboration with overseas companies
■Fundraising from overseas investors

Leverage U.S. innovation hubs to build international collaboration

1. Silicon Valley 2. Boston 3. San Diego


Commercialization of research results by university startups

numbers of casesfund-raise amount
market capitalizationsales

Startup ecosystem enhancement

1. Collaborative research 2. Donation
3. Stock Option 4. Education


Risk Management & Compliance
Cooperation with four subcommittees and professional teams

Conflict of Interest, Export Control, Confidential Information, Competition Policy
■Professional Team:
Office of Conflict of Interest and Security Export Control at University of Tsukuba, IPA (Information Promotion Agency)


Major Initiatives

  • Share social issues by industry-driven, build transdisciplinary teams
    with industries and the university under the One Roof concept, and promote collaborative research.
  • Utilize overseas hubs to activate license activities and fundraising.
  • Support university startup launch and enhance collaborative research
    to achieve a virtuous cycle of funds through the affective use of stock option system.