World-Wide Activities


OISO promotes the international expansion of open innovation and collaboration
through the Laboratory of Intellectual Innovation (LII) in Silicon Valley, USA.

World-Wide Activities|OISO
2020High-Impact Entrepreneur Program (Hi-EP)
Educational program to support implementation of commercialization of the university-originated research seeds.
2021International Online Lectures
Lectures by industry-university collaboration experts in the U.S. on the latest open innovation measures and entrepreneurship development measures mainly at US universities under the COVID-19 disaster.
2022High-Impact Entrepreneur & Open Innovation Program (Hi-EOP)
Program to support faculty who seeking to start their own business in the U.S. by using his/her research findings in partnership with US companies, VCs and accelerators.
2023High-Impact Research Program with the University of Tsukuba (IMPUT)
Program to encourage overseas companies and research institutions to collaborate with the University of Tsukuba on the university’s advanced research topics.