OISO currently promotes projects in six areas of agriculture, medical biotechnology,
service, smart city, environmental energy and digital innovation.

〈Area: Medical Bio〉
Project: Agrifoodpia
The first in the world, GABA-rich tomato was developed by using genome editing technology (CRISPR/Cas9).
Notification to government agencies was completed and the product was launched in May 2021.
〈Area: Agriculture〉 Project: Agri-Food Peer|OISO
〈Area: Medical Bio〉
Project: Precision Medicine
1. Industrial achievement: iLAC Co., Ltd., which is one of the university startups, concluded a business alliance with ITOCHU Corporation.
2. Academic achievement: Kyoto University which is the partner of collaborative research was published in Nature.
  • 〈Area: Life Science〉 Project: Precision Medicine|OISO
  • 〈Area: Life Science〉 Project: Precision Medicine|OISO
  • 〈Area: Life Science〉 Project: Precision Medicine|OISO
  • 〈Area: Life Science〉 Project: Precision Medicine|OISO
〈Area: Service〉
Project: Healthcare Quality Assessment
Health Services R&D Center and Fast DOCTOR Inc., are conducting the large-scale, multi-year collaborative research.
〈Area: Service〉 Project: Healthcare Quality  Assessment|OISO
〈Area: Environmental Energy〉
Project: Algae Biomass & Energy System
Developed bio-crude oil production technology using algae.
The key to the project is efficiency at the industrial level.
〈Area: Energy〉 Project: Algae Biomass & Energy  System|OISO
〈Area: Smart City〉
The project consists of public demonstrations, experimentations, transdisciplinary research in Next-Generation Mobility, Future Medicine and Healthcare, Infrastructure Management, Disaster Prevention and Energy, and Education.
〈Area: Smart City〉 Project: Tsukuba Future City|OISO
〈Area: Environmental Energy〉
Project: Materials Science for Carbon Neutrality
Develop new materials such as “hydrogen boride sheet“ that has high potential
for application in hydrogen production and storage, carbon dioxide adsorption,
and fuel conversion to meet industry needs for carbon neutrality in 2050.
〈Area: Material〉 Project: Materials Science for Carbon Neutrality|OISO
〈Area: Digital Innovation〉
Project: AI Transformation
With a focus on AI, the project engages in futuristic research
(AI, privacy, international rules, quantum system information, etc.)
that utilizes technology in various domains.
〈Area: Bio Technology〉 Project: Healthy Longevity Functionality Environmental Research|OISO